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Policy Changes - Discussion For Admin AND STs

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1Policy Changes - Discussion For Admin AND STs Empty Policy Changes - Discussion For Admin AND STs on Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:14 am


Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur
Policy & House Rule Changes To Look Over & Discuss
Click Here:
These are ALWAYS open for discussion. Even though it's on the wiki and seems "official" as Trygve said, we aren't in play yet so absolutely nothing is set in stone. Please discuss.

Experience - Changed experience and PST policies. While I'm apprehensive at best about these changes, I don't have strong feeligns about starting with XP or not. If you have an issue with this, please start a new thread titled "Experience" and please give me your reasons there why we should start players off with XP. I know your reasons personally, but this is my way of starting a discussion between you four, so you will communicate with others instead of me. Your concensus reached there will be mine.
Sex & Pregnancy - Giving players just enough rope to hang themselves... Mwahahahahaha-cough-I mean.. ok moving on.
Character Death & Retirement - Rewritten, please look at. Same gist, let me know if you agree.
Ink Monkeys - Shaitan had a few good points about the MA Styles that I thought were entertaining. For example, yes I thought Ivory Pestle was ridiculous until I realized that yeah, you can twink the shit out of it. But only if you're attacking Ghosts. So, I'm repealing the ban on all Ink Monkeys. They can knock themselves out. The published PDF is what we're going to allow, nothing from the other IM publications unless submitted tot he Custom Material Forum, which brings me to...
Custom Material - Shaitan and Zuriel are expert Customs Material guys as demonstrated in past experiences with them. Trygve hasn't demonstrated his ability to make them or tinker with them yet, however I KNOW he has a great head on his shoulders and he's an opinionated, informed gamer - and always has some good point to argue and I respect his opinions. With you guys on my team, I just don't know how we could go wrong. I just don't. If you don't like an artifact and don't feel like dealing with the customs forum, then... don't! I got your back whether you want to rip something to shreds, ignore it, or allow it. However with this we will work on the vote system similar to what I have seen in the past with HoC. Custom Material needs two Administrator OK's. However, if even ONE Administrator feels it to be unbalanced (even if the other 3 has said "ok") and voices his/her opinion about it on the thread - it does not go into play until that Admin has been sated. In other words, those who stamp the artifact/manse/whatev are "sponsoring" the item and I have your word that you think that this item isn't unbalanced, unthematic, gamebreaking, etc. and you would personally like to see it in play.
Player Story Tellers - Revised. They are just like Jr. ST's. Now requires registration because I don't want any tom dick or harry off the street STing for me and giving my place a bad name. Check it out, let me know what you think.


Custom Material - It might be best for players to make suggestions of what they want and then have the mechanics staffer hammer together a balanced product instead of having players submit something that might be broken and then give us the headache of having to pound it into something acceptable.


Celestial Deliberative
Celestial Deliberative
It would be simpler to just have pregnancy remain banned, but I suppose half a year's bar from active play will be discouragement enough. I wouldn't count on it, though. The players who go for this sort of thing -want- to play house, and will see nothing wrong with lounging in coffee shops and proudly regale others with tales and paintings of what their toddler did this week, or what grand hopes they have for their unborn child.

I am generally disappointed with the works of Ink Monkeys, but if you want to include it, I won't fight it.

As for customs, I have yet to see anything but antagonism and accusations of favouritism resulting from allowing them, but if Zuriel and Shaitan have the time on their hands to deal with it, I have no complaints against permitting them.

Regarding PvP, I'd like the added stipulation that ST supervision is required in fights intended to be to the death. Not for all PvP. If two player characters want to knock the stuffing out of eachother, and leave or make up once one is knocked out, that doesn't require ST supervision. Just fudge the rules and say if one character reaches incap, the damage stops there. If death is to be the outcome, the ST must be requested at the start of the scene. No calling an ST once you've knocked out your opponent and want to slit his throat.


Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur
Customs - Hopefully, our players won't be that truly inept at mechanics. So, lets let them have a change to try and shine and let them have a stab at the mechanics and if it becomes ridiculous we will have them begin to submit "ideas" rather than the "creations". They will also be handled at OUR pace and at OUR leisure. If you got the time, great, if you don't, it's not a priority. If a player thinks we're taking too long approving his new thing, fuckem.
I feel this would also encourages Crafters to be Creative. There's nothing more Fucking Annoying than a Twilight that sits there and makes himself into an artifact factory for his friends and creates cookie cutter crap from the books over and over and over...

Pregnancy - I revised this rule under constant hounding and "omgwtfbbq" remarks from players and staff members of other sites. (Both those I respect mildly to those I think are full of shit). Plus - as I said before, we're giving them just enough rope to hang themselves with.
Yes, there's a half a year's discouragement - that should be enough for most players, but likely won't. Those that truly, truly wish to bear a child - well, why not?
Motherhood in itself is an adventure, probably best left to "real life" but amusing. Also, plot device. Nothing would please me more than to kidnap, torture, maim, or kill a babyplotdevice - Crap did I say that out loud? Anyway It's a large part of the Dynastic culture. Bearing a child is expected of you and holding back Dynastic characters from spawning may result in them not advancing as we want to see. I don't want to place a stranglehold on the Dynastic venue and to them the No Preggo rule might just be that.
Plus, Dynasts do not raise their own children and does not under any circumstance constitute the Ward flaw. Smile Sure, they show up every once in a while to beat them to see if they Exalt, but that's the extent of their parenting.
Afterthoughtedit: SWMNBN used to leave her child in the care of her panther familiar on HoC, so I made the panther eat it. It's HER familiar, not the baby's. *shrug*

Ink Monkeys - I have no strong feelings for or against Ink Monkey material but I don't see anything "wrong" with them. Just because I wouldn't take any of the stuff from the books doesn't mean that someone else might find them superamazingwonderfulshiny. If it gets out of hand, I will simply ban them. If it gets more ridiculous from there I will strip away all Ink Monkey creations from the players and refund them in XP. And yes, the deeds of the one will affect the Many.

I got a Communist streak in me, what can I say? Wink

PvP - Works for me.


Also edited ST and PST stuff.


Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur
Ok. New policy changes. Read and discuss.

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