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Lands Asunder

White Wolf Exalted v 2.0 RPG set in An-Teng

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Custom Mutations

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1Custom Mutations Empty Custom Mutations on Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:00 pm


Some of the custom merits and mutations are awful and should be taken out.

Mark of the Void. I am against this merit vehemently as it drastically changes the setting. It is particularly insulting because the only reason it was approved in WDS was to assuage the complaints of a favoured player who wanted it so the headwiz (Mela) forced me to approve it--I was the mechanics staff at the time.

Incompetence is unnecessarily complicated in my opinion and could be axed. You shouldn't need a flaw to be incompetent, just don't take any points in that particular Ability and purposefully fail in character.

Pleasing Voice is essentially just a specialty, it should not be a mutation and it should not grant equipment dice.

Sweet Scent seems more like an alchemical potion or weak spell.

Rigid Personality serves no purpose, it essentially makes a person into a raksha.

Charged Aura fails in the same manner that Sweet Scent does.

Brutal Hooves/Talons is not needed as it is just Claws purchased twice.

Inescapable Aura suffers from the same failures as Charged Aura and Sweet Scent. Seriously, this thing is more like the effect of a spell or Charm instead of a mutation.

Hollow is just a travesty. This isn't Futurama, characters aren't Bender with a chest compartment. If they want storage capacity they can purchase Elsewhere Charms or artifacts.

Unnatural Arsenal: I really don't understand the purpose of this mutation.

2Custom Mutations Empty Re: Custom Mutations on Fri Sep 09, 2011 1:16 am


Agent Provocateur
Agent Provocateur
Okay Smile I will look them over soon, update them, and then let you know when you can take a looksee again Very Happy

3Custom Mutations Empty Re: Custom Mutations on Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:51 am


Alright, thank you.

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